Meet Emily McNaughton

Seattle based energy healer and certified
Usui Reiki Master

Seattle-born, Emily has spent most of her time living in the greater PacificNorthwest and Austria. Currently residing in Seattle's east side, her energy and Reiki services not only empower her clients but contribute positive growth and healing to those who have sought her assistance. There is no typical client, most have a very busy lifestyle, or are simply searching for "more." Overall, clients can expect to experience a sense of calm, personal growth, and the ability to cover every day topics in an alternative way. In her own words she says, “I've been practicing energy work my entire life, and for the last decade I have refined my ongoing practice and education in the art of Usui Reiki. Those who are drawn to this type of work and consult are usually seeking something they cannot quite put their finger on, it's simply a feeling. My greatest joy is witnessing clients come to a state of both inner-peace and understanding of themselves."

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