Email session



Remote sessions are 60 minutes of healing/energy work, with Emily then providing a follow up email summarizing the work done and providing any necessary messages.

Remote session



Via phone or Skype 60 minutes

  • 30/45 minute increments are $60/$100 respectively

In-person session



50 minutes taking place at Salt Mine Arium in Bellevue, WA, in person sessions are 50 minutes total, include hands on healing along with additional modalities, and guided conversation as per the client’s preference.

In Her Own Words

“I've been practicing energy work my entire life, and for the last eight years I have refined my ongoing practice and education in the art of Usui Reiki. Those who are drawn to this type of work and consult are usually seeking something they cannot quite put their finger on, it's simply a feeling. My greatest joy is witnessing clients come to a state of both inner-peace and understanding of themselves."

- Emily McNaughton, Owner of Avita Wellness, Reiki Master

Group Sessions

AVITA Wellness offers discounted session rates for groups of 5 or more

Learn more about group sessions